Welcome to Your Page. This page is literally, all about You. We know how hectic life can sometimes get and we appreciate you taking time to visit our site.  To show our appreciation, we created this page so that we and your fellow readers could meet, chat a bit, network, and get to know each other.    

We love meeting our readers and actively seek savvy gals and guys to feature.  The majority of our interviews are conducted electronically (email and/or phone).   For more information, contact LW at:  Type “Interview” in the subject line and write a  brief message or bio.   

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to hear from you soon!   

25 August 10 

Jennifer Brown-Banks 

Editor,  author, prolific blogger, consultant, advice columnist – Jennifer Brown-Banks, AKA Superwoman, shed her superpowers just long enough to ”gossip” with LWFL.  

13 April 2010   

Earth's Waters by Nicole Blades


Author Nicole Blades   

Nicole Blades is a writer, editor and blogger.  Her writing gigs include remarkable stints at ESPN and Essence Magazine.  On her website, she describes herself as “… someone who likes to tell tales.  Not tall ones.  Just  good ones.”         


28 March 2010   


 Sylvia Brown-Roberts   

Meet  author Sylvia Brown-Roberts, who  enjoys reading, writing, children, and family. She is the author of the newly released book, Behind Church Doors .   

21 March 2010   

First Up:  Photographer Malissa Sisson owner of  Treasured Reflections   





22 June 10   

Lisa Lazarus of Rubybliss   


“For me, creative work is not a linear process. Sometimes I have a vision from the beginning and other times I experiment as I develop a piece; it is very important to me that my work reflect the organic process of how it developed. I do not want to be so focused on the final product that it ends up looking contrived or overly ‘manufactured’… to me, that is what machines are for. I think it is beautiful for the hand of an artist to be seen in her work.”


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