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Five Scams That Steal Your Holiday Cash

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It’s that time of year again when cyber criminals are hard at work trying to separate you from your holiday joy.  They’re busy tricking victims into contributing to made-up charities, investing in Ponzi schemes and bidding on phony auctions.  All in an attempt to take advantage of your generosity and to steal your cash.

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America’s National Parks – FREE on Veterans Day!

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Yosemite Park Image Credit: JDrmar



Take a hike.  Literally!  In honor of Veterans Day, that’s  11 November this year, the entrance fee at all national parks (there are over 100) is  FREE.

To sweeten the deal many outfitters, shops and hotels in our natural treasures offer discounts like buy-one-get-one half off, or for free deals and other  money-saving specials. Check out these sweet deals  at:  Park Partners .

Remember, prior military service isn’t required to take advantage of these offers.  But if you’re a veteran, savings at some locations are even better.

Sample Savings:

Death Valley National National Park, CA

Furnace Creek Resort
Earth-friendly organic t-shirts 2/$20, regularly $14.99 each

Everglades National Park, FL – Shark Valley Tram Tours

Shark Valley Tram Tours honors veterans by offering 50% discounts to veterans and their dependents on all tours.  Call Shark Valley Tram Tours at 305-221-8455.  Or visit them  at to receive  more information or to make reservations.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ — Buy one West Rim Sunset Tour and get one free.  You’ll also receive 20% off any retail purchase in all Xanterra operated gift shops.


Click here to find a national park near you.  Or visit .

Happy Trails!

Family Friendly Travel Destinations

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With a bit of creativity you can likely make any travel destination into a fun and safe trip for your children. Finding a place to go on vacation that will offer benefits to kids without a lot of effort or stress for you is slightly harder.  

Your entire family should have an enjoyable vacation, no matter what age they are, so we’ve compiled a list of family friendly travel destinations. If you have any additions please feel free to let us know in the comments section.  

Jellystone Park Campgrounds  

This might seem like one for the kids but Jellystone Park Campgrounds are fun for the entire family. These parks are located all across the US in places like Cooperstown, New York and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. There are also 5 locations in Canada if you’re in need of northern road trip. Each of the Jellystone locations include all kinds of fun activities for kids, including water slides, swimming, playgrounds, and mini golf. There are also activities for adults like fishing, dances with manned DJs, hiking, camping, games rooms, and arts & crafts. The best part if that most of these activities can be enjoyed by both adults and kids.  


Williamsburg, Virginia combines the educational fun of Colonial Williamsburg with the just-plain-fun of the nearby Busch Gardens theme park. In the summer there is also the massive Water Country USA water park if you’re in need of a cool down.  

American history comes to life in Colonial Williamsburg. Volunteers and actors portray people from over 200 years ago; bringing to life pre-American Revolution life in the United States. There are other nearby historical areas that can be visited such as Yorktown – all within a short drive of Williamsburg.  

Mardi Gras in New Orleans  

This is one that you might think would only be for the adults (or maybe even just for college students). Mardi Gras may be infamous for its party culture but it’s actually quite family friendly if you get past those initial thoughts about the festival.  

Most of the hard partying during Mardi Gras takes place on Burbon Street, which means most of the rest of the festivities are focused on families. The festival is an amazing spectacle with it’s parade, music, and culture. It’s important to educate your children on how to travel safely before and even during your trip. This is important whether you’re visiting Mardi Gras, Disneyland, or even the in-law’s house one state over.  

San Diego 

This Californian city has everything you’re looking for – whether you’re a kid or an adult. Children can enjoy building sandcastles on the beach while their parents relax. 

The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest and most progressive zoos in the world and a must-visit if you’re visiting the city. The zoo, which is owned by the City of San Diego, has an impressive 4,000+ animals of more than 800 species including many endangered species. It is also one of the only zoos in the world to house a giant panda. 

Another great spot for kids in San Diego is Legoland. I’m sure a few parents have grown up enjoying Lego too! 

This was post was contributed by Ryan Embly from the rental car comparison website CRX. If you’re seeking car rentals in New York or any other city in the US visit their website today.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

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Bodie Island Lighthouse - Courtesy Danie Pratt


It’s often said that Bodie Island Lighthouse got its name from the many shipwrecked bodies that washed ashore – it’s often spelled Body Island Lighthouse!           

I used this image in 10 Reasons Kids Love North Carolina, an article I wrote for Fun Place DataBase.   In your search for entertaining places to take the kids this summer give them a try.  They’re a  great resource to find fun attractions across America that you and the kids will enjoy. 🙂

Vacation Time

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Where’s the best place to take a beach vacation?  How do you find kid friendly hotels?  What’s the word for credit card in Spanish, and are there any health precautions we need to know before traveling to Spain?  Read on to find the answers to these questions and more.

Who: Disney’s Family.Com Travel: 

Where:  Click on “Travel”

What:  This innovative site helps you decide what kind of trip to take and where to go, once you get there. It’s loaded with tools that allow you to design a vacation according to your needs. For example, if you are looking for a big city weekend trip, museum outing or even a simple one day affair, after plugging in your requirements, it offers suggestions on cities to visit and gives suggestions on where to go after you’re there. 

On a shoe string budget, no problem. Check out their “Budget Travel” section to find deals, (many totally free) and the rest are just plan cheap!

It’s also a great place to connect with other women to share  favorite vacation hot spots.

Who:  LL Bean Park Search


What:  If you’re looking to explore the great outdoors, this is the site to visit.  LL Beans’ “Park Search” is loaded with specific information about national and state parks from Greenland to Oceania. Simply highlight the destinations you wish to visit and the activities you’re interested in (35+), click submit and like magic, parks that meet your needs appear.  The site features beautiful images and is super easy to use.

Who:  National Park Service


What:  The US Department of the Interior’s National Park Service runs this site – no surprise here. 🙂  

And is the best place to get information on any national park in the US.  Especially interesting are the additional resources found here:  Working with communities, Exploring Nature, Junior Ranger Program, Interactive videos and virtual park tours, Park history and Multimedia presentations.  There are too many to list, but this is definitely a site worth checking out. In addition you’ll find park fees, maps, telephone numbers, reservation information and a host of other good-to-know stuff. 

Bonus:  A lifetime Senior Pass is available to US citizens 62 and over. The pass admits the pass holder and her guest entrance into all national parks.  Contact any national park for more information. 

Who:  US Department of State Travel Warnings


What:  Find an up-to-date list of countries the Bureau of Consular affairs deems unsafe or unstable. The US Government’s ability to provide assistance to Americans in these countries is very limited; traveling to these destinations is strongly discouraged.

Who:  Travel Health Online


What:  No one plans to get sick while on vacation, but …   life happens.  A unique feature of this site is that it provides a list of physicians and health care providers in various countries. In addition, you’ll find detailed country-by-country listings of health precautions you should take when visiting. Be sure to check out their  directory of  occurring or recent outbreaks of disease and their guide of recommended vaccinations.  In essence, this is your comprehensive guide to overseas health.

Have a great time on your next vacation!