“THIS JUST IN…” Why Marriage Won’t “Become Obsolete” Anytime Soon

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By: Jennifer Brown Banks

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Commitment-phobic men worldwide were undoubtedly throwing under ground parties everywhere, with the recent Pew  Research/Time Magazine poll that contends 40% of Americans believe that marriage is becoming obsolete.

But, I’d caution cuties with cold feet not to warm up to the idea that they’ll dodge the matrimonial bullet and cling to their freedom forever as a result of these findings.

Don’t believe the hype! (Remember the Y2K scare)?

Certainly during these progressive times, marriage is less popular than it was in June Cleaver’s day. Primarily because being single carries fewer taboos, and also because women are deferring wedded bliss to pursue successful careers. That’s a given.

Still, this time-honored institution will always be more the rule than the exception. Why?

First of all because there are more benefits than drawbacks: financial/tax advantages, regular “whoopee”, stability and other perks.

And perhaps equally important is the “pride in ownership” principle.

Women love the idea of “ownership”–whether it’s designer shoes, a lovely home, or dare I say a spouse! And “having papers” on our significant others, in our minds equates the same thing.

Don’t believe me? The next time you hear a woman introduce her hubby, notice the way she “proclaims him”, as if he’s a prized possession or a prestigious award she’s won! 🙂

Not to mention, we’ve been socialized since we were children to choose this way of life, along with the white picket fence.

With this being the case, like it or not (most) women will opt for it, give ultimatums to enforce it, fight for it, preserve it, and perpetuate it for many, many years to come.

So I’d advise savvy guys who want peace and other privileges to be heart smart and  embrace the sage words of Beyonce: “If you like it than you shoulda’ put a ring on it!”

Jennifer Brown Banks is a veteran freelance writer, Columnist, and Pro Blogger.  You can find her work at  Pen and Prosper, Coffeehouse for Writer’s and

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