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In Our Guest Appearances, Your Home on July 25, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Image Courtesy Carlos Koblischek


 A quick post to share snippets from our latest articles at and  The Dollar Stretcher (our début).  🙂  You’ll find  smart hints, tips, and tricks at both sites that help keep your finances in the black! 

Energy Efficient Homes Make Cents  – Published at 

“Many folks are on board with clipping coupons, shopping sales and living frugal lifestyles; but when it comes to making energy-efficient choices in their homes, few practice the same budget stretching tactics.” 

 Strapped for Cash? Swap and Save!  – Published at The Dollar Stretcher 

 “Millions have found creative ways to “go green” while still acquiring stuff, and all without having to shell out their hard-to-come-by cash. Their secret is old-fashioned bartering, but with an electronic twist!  Truthfully, both on and offline swap and shop sites are seeing tremendous increases in activity as many folks have turned to bartering to help survive this economic crunch.”  

– Enjoy!

  1. Nikola,

    Loved your piece @ The Dollar Stretcher! Very informative and timely. Great job.

  2. Hey Jen,

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments! – Nikola

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