Top Carriers For Toting Your Tot

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by Lauren Dzuris   

Image Courtesy Justyna Furmanczyk


When it comes to our little one, we want the best products on the market. We have safety in mind, comfort and an affordable price to look for. One thing you don’t want to go without is a baby carrier or car seat for your child. These make doing everyday tasks much easier since they are always with you and you can keep your eye on them. If you’re on the hunt for one of the best baby carriers, here are a few that are known to be the best-selling. These have the best reviews, ratings and are highly recommended by other parents!    

Baby Bjorn: This is a carrier that we’ve all heard of and love. It allows you to go about your day hands free, it is easy to buckle on, all the adjustments are made in the front for easy access, and it has wide padded shoulder straps for your comfort and easier carrying.    

Baby Bjorn Original Spirit


Ergo Baby: The Ergo Baby carrier is another carrier that parents are very fond of. It has padded shoulders and waist for easier carrying, it is very easy to adjust, it allows you to carry your baby on either your back or front and it also has several colors and designs to choose from!    

ERGO Baby Camel Carrier


Jeep 2-in-1: Jeep has several great baby products, including baby carriers. There 2-in-1 is great because it has extra wide and padded shoulder straps, a secure fit indicator to make sure your baby is locked in properly, it has a mesh air circulator to keep your little one chill, and lastly it has a reflective trim to help with night visibility.    

Jeep 2-in-1 Baby Carrier


When looking for a baby carrier you want to make sure it is convenient for not only your baby but you as well. Getting certain features like padded shoulder straps, the option to choose between wearing them on your back or front side, and the easy buckle adjustments make your time with your baby much easier.   

It is always a good idea to do your research, to compare similar products along with their features and to make sure you and your child are comfortable. There are a lot of great baby carriers on the market, but these seem to stick out from the rest!   

Lauren Dzuris runs FindMyCarSeat, a  website that helps soon to be parents find the right car seat for their child, while giving them tips and advice on everything from pregnancy to caring for your baby.

  1. These innovative carriers free active parents and their babies from the limitations of the cumbersome stroller. Salma Other

  2. Amen! Carriers are certainly more convenient than hulking strollers. I wish these innovative devices had been around when I had a little one.

    Thanks for contributing this informative article Lauren.

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