Sunglasses: The Ultimate Fashion Necessity

In You, Your Fashion on May 12, 2010 at 8:53 AM

We all know how the perfect hair-do, handbag or belt, makes a so-so outfit pop.  And we’ve all seen how rundown heels make even the best that haute couture offers a flop. The same fashion sense holds true for that key accessory that compliments your face. 

Sunglasses are the “it” accessory of the season.  And while, Katy Perry can rock a pair of aviator shades, the same style may not work for you. 

Finding the perfect pair of shades doesn’t have to be like Ponce De Leon’s quest for the Fountain of Youth; but if you don’t choose wisely, you’ll end up with the same results!  Truthfully, there’s nothing mystifying about it and it’s a lot easier than you think.  It’s simply a matter of knowing the shape of your face.

Follow the simple guidelines listed below and you too will be set to be this season’s hottest sunglass wearing diva!

Find the face shape that is most like yours, then look below for a description and frames that match. (Click image to enlarge)


Oval:  Lucky you!  Any style works well with your face.  For maximum “wow” power look for frames that are at least as wide as the broadest part of your face.

Suggestions:  Any Style 🙂

Rectangle & Oblong: Try frames that have embellishments or contrasting colors at the temples.  Round or square shapes that accentuate the center of your face play down long and narrow features.

Suggestions:  Curvy, Rounds, and Squares

Inverted Triangle & Heart: Play down a narrow forehead and wide chin by selecting frames that are brightly colored and oversized.  Splashes of color and wide frames balance out your face.

Suggestion: Cat Eyes

Square & Pear: Look for curved frames to soften and contrast the angles of your face.  This style also serves to slim and add a little length.

Suggestions:  Cat eyes, Ovals, and Rounds

Round:  Opt for frames that make your face look slimmer and longer. Straight or angular frames make a nice contrast by minimizing curves and adding definition. 

Suggestions: Angular and Rectangular styles

Diamond:  Your face is defined by high cheekbones with a slender forehead and chin. Soften your angles by choosing frames that are oval, or curvy. Take it to the next level by going rimless! 

Suggestions:  Oval, Rounds, Rimless

The secret to finding the perfect pair of shades is self-reflection. This season, make sure you put your best face forward by wearing shades match the contours of your face.  With a little know-how you too will be a fashionista!  🙂

Having trouble decided your shape?  Check out Len’s Crafter’s interactive “What’s Your Face Shape” finder.  For best results, upload your photo, or if you’re feeling a bit shy, select one of their models instead.



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