In Your Food, Your Guest Writers on May 6, 2010 at 8:54 PM

By: Jennifer Brown Banks

With today’s frantic pace, few divas have time to devote energy to making home baked goodies like our moms made back in the good old days. 

Who can forget that sweet aroma that filled the kitchen air when we arrived home from school? It seemed that a glass of cold milk and a warm slice of pie or cake made everything right with the world. 🙂 

Enter year 2010. Between work, P.T.A. meetings, household chores, other obligations, and paying bills, today’s “Super woman” is super tired! 

But that doesn’t mean that you have to deny your “sweet tooth”, or deprive your family and friends baked treats, and a feeling of being fussed over. 

Here’s the good news.

Times have changed. Store bought baked goods don’t have to taste like cardboard, or have that “fake” kind of taste. I’ve discovered quite a few offerings that would appeal to even the most picky of eaters. 

But before I reveal these culinary treasures, these are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  1. Presentation is important. Foods must appeal to our visual sense before they satisfy our taste buds. Pretty cake plates and platters, and creative display should serve as your “canvass” for your masterpiece.
  2. Go a step further by dressing your plate up with colorful fruit slices around the borders of your plate. Try a combination of orange slices and strawberries. The red and orange contrast is simply lovely.
  3. Add to the texture and pleasure by topping your treats off with garnishes like confectioner’s sugars, whipped cream, ice cream, candy sprinkles, or melted caramel.

Now, without further adieu…

These are the brands that fared well when tested in my “kitchen laboratory,” and I believe that they’ll soon become favorites of yours too!

  • ENTENMANN’S—Lemon Crunch Cake
  • PEPPERRIDGE FARM—Chocolate Cake, Chessmen Cookies
  • JEWEL’S—Sweet Potatoe Pie, Strawberry Cake w/whipped creme
  • SARA LEE—Cheesecakes (frozen) Sweet Potatoe Pie
  • BURGER KING’S—Dutch Apple Pie

With summer months ahead, these tasty treats would be a welcome addition to your next barbecue, reunion, or graduation celebration as well.  Here’s to adding more richness to your life!  Bon Appetit!

Jennifer Brown Banks is a veteran freelance writer, relationship columnist and Blogger who believes in “living well for less”. Visit her blog  Pen and Prosper  and her column at

  1. Great job as usual, Nikola!
    One small correction—my work appears at, not Problogger. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my work with your readers. Again…:-)

  2. It’s always a pleasure featuring your work Jen! In spite of my goof, I hope you will continue to write for us! – Thanks 🙂

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