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In Your World on April 18, 2010 at 9:50 PM

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Could you go an entire week without texting? Or even just one day? For some folks, especially those residing in the under 20 crowd, this would be an impossible feat.  In fairness it seems that everybody’s doing “it”,  at least everybody in the in crowd; and these days, that includes, well …  just about everyone!     

This form of mobile communication is quickly becoming more popular than actually using the phone.  Why you ask? Inquisitive minds want to know?  It’s convenient; pure and simple.  And who among us doesn’t love the simple life?  I certainly do.  If easy street doesn’t have a toll booth, I’m on board.    

In our frequently hectic and over scheduled worlds, texting is an easy way to stay in touch; and if you have busy teens, it’s almost mandatory that you make it part of your daily routine.  It truly is a convenient way to ask, quick questions to my 17- year-old son like, “How’d you do on your history test?”  Or “What time will you be home?”  And it’s super easy for me to wish him a happy day by texting a simple :).  Response time is also a breeze – allowing him to send simple, discreet answers while remaining “all that” in front of his “peeps”.   

Last month, Reid sent exactly 3106 SMS (short message service) texts; I sent 223 and my husband Jim, only 46.  And from what I’ve read and talked about with friends, Reid’s performance is on the low-end  compared to other kids.  In a Washington Post interview, Rob Callender, Trends Director for Teenage Research Unlimited, revealed that, right after using cell phones to check the time, texting is their next most popular use for teens.   

Texting definitely has a place in our society and certainly has made an impact on our world. I always smile when getting an impromptu “ilu” (I love you) text from my son, especially when I’m having a really, crazy day.     

How about you; are you doing it?    















  1. I guess being from the old school I don’t get what all the hype is about. I’ve probably txt’d 3 or 4x in my life. I prefer talking over the phone to texting. A cell phone can’t capture the beauty of a giggle or the warmth in someone’s voice.

    • Hey Jen,
      Very true about the “beauty of a giggle or the warmth in someone’s voice.” – Totally agree and so eloquently put. Of my 223 texts, 195 were sent to Reid and 20 to Jim. My son follows the trend Rob Callender found and rarely uses his phone to place calls. It really is much more convenient to text him, especially when I need a quick answer or just want to say hi (which is often) when he’s at lunch.

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