SmartPak™ Dog Food Product Review

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LW was NOT compensated for this product review.  We share this review for two reasons:    

  • We feel SmartPak is a company that provides useful products that our readers will find interesting and beneficial.


  • SmartPak has a strong commitment to treading lightly on Planet Earth.

The Who    

SmartPak™ Dog Food Product Review    

Skip the Wonder Beagle


Taking charge of my dog’s diet has become a monumental task. If you’re like me, you’re constantly wondering if the brand-of-the-month food you buy is helping or hurting him.  In my never-ending quest to find the perfect dog food, I stumbled across SmartPak.    

Several weeks ago, while scouring the web for the latest freebies, I came across a free sample offer for SmarkPak dog food.  I submitted my info online and resigned myself to waiting the standard 6 to 12 weeks to receive a sample.  Boy was I wrong!  I sent my request in on a Saturday afternoon and received an email from Laura, one of their product specialists, that evening.  She wanted to know more about my dog so that she could customize my SmarkPak to meet Skip’s needs.  I was a bit skeptical at first and not sure I wanted to give intimate details about my dog to a total stranger, especially to someone online!  Well, after a few indecisive moments, I decided to go for it and fired off an email giving the requested information: my dog’s name, his breed, weight, his daily feeding schedule, any health concerns, his age and the product I wished to receive. I poured over their website a good 20- 25 minutes before finally selecting LiveSmart™ Chicken and Brown Rice Senior Dog Formula, and because Skip has allergies, the SmartCanine Allergy supplement.  The free offer was just for dog food, but I asked for the allergy supplement as well.  The next day I received another email from Laura stating that my order was being processed and they were sending a 3 day supply of each.  Wow!  I didn’t expect to receive such a generous supply, especially considering I asked for both products.  I don’t receive this level of customer service from my dry cleaner, and I’ve been doing business with him for over 8 years.    

The Trial    

What’s a SmartPak™?    

A mere three days later, a UPS truck pulled into my driveway and delivered my SmartPak samples to my front door!    

Free Sample Package


  Inside the box were 3 PortionPaks  and 3 Daily Dose SmartPak™ SmartCanine Allergy supplements, each personalized with our names – nice touch!    

The next morning I started Skip on his new routine. Right off, I ‘m  impressed with the convenience and freshness of PortionPaks.  I simply zipped opened his Pak and poured its contents into his Odie (think Garfield) bowl.  On busy mornings when time was at a premium this feature made feeding Skip a breeze. It also took the guess-work out of figuring out how much food to give him. PortionPaks come in 11 different options; the size your dog needs is customized based on age, breed, activity level and overall health.  During our trial period we had to travel out-of-town and having PortionPaks made feeding Skip an easy and mess free event.  I can also see where this feature would be really handy when boarding your dog or leaving feeding instructions for your pet sitter or neighbor, and if you have multiple dogs with different feeding needs.    

What I like best about SmartPak dog food is that it’s made from fresh, quality ingredients.  The first ingredient in all their formulas is always a high quality protein like whitefish, lamb or chicken.  Other ingredients include healthy wholesome grains, fruits and veggies and natural preservatives. This insures that your pet is eating quality food and not filling up on nutrient deficient by-products. Skip seems to really like it; though he is a beagle and beagles are notorious for eating pretty much anything.  I like SmartPak dog food because I know he’s eating a healthy diet that is good for him and will help him live a longer healthier life.    




Allergy Supplement



SmartCanine Allergy Supplements    

Skip greedily consumed his allergy supplement; this was a good thing for me.  In the past, I’ve had to hide supplements in cheese or meat before he would eat them.  He was only on the supplements three days, and I really can’t say if they helped with his allergies or not.  They certainly didn’t make them worse. I believe SmarkPak is  offering a free 3-day trial of their supplements; call for details: 1-800-326-0282.    

The Verdict    

After our trial period ended, I ordered a month’s supply of PortionPaks in the LiveSmart™ Chicken and Brown Rice Weight Management Dog Formula  for $13.95 (Yes, I have a slightly tubby lemon beagle).  Again, my order arrived    

Skip's PortionPaks


 within a few days of placing it.  Shipping is normally $7.95, regardless of what you order, but I received free shipping because I found a coupon code at Retail Me Not.  It was for their SmartPak Equine line, but they willingly allowed me to use it.   If you choose to enroll in their automatic delivery program, you’ll receive a shipment every 28 days; this prevents your dog from running short on food.  I’ve decided to go this route with my next order.    

The 3-day trial is expired; instead they’re offering a free 5-Day Taste Trial, you only pay the regular $7.95 shipping fee.  Again, try searching for a free shipping code at Retail Me Not.   



LW gives SmartPak  Five Bags.  Their customer service is unparalleled.  The staff is friendly, very knowledgeable and eager to help you make the best product choices for your dog.  Ordering is simple, quick and convenient, online and over the phone.  And their prices are on par with buying a premium brand dog food.  For Skip, buying SmarkPaks is cheaper.  Your cost depends on the products you buy and the size, breed, age, and health of your dog. They also have a large selection of other products: flea and tick care, pharmaceuticals, toys, training aides, collars and leashes, lawn care products, crates and shampoos; everything you need and want from your pet store.     

I can’t say SmartPak is the perfect dog food, but they’re pretty darn close. Give them a try, their dog food is vastly superior to any brand I’ve tried.  Their LiveSmart brand received a 2009 Editor’s Choice award from The Whole Dog Journal.  This publication is well-respected for providing well researched and in-depth articles on natural canine health and wellness.   

Regardless of the brand you choose, remember that your dog is really counting on you to make good nutrition choices for him.Rating System   

LW Rating Bags


 Alright – 1 bag    

A OK – 2 bags    

Admirable – 3 bags    

Amazing – 4 bags    

Awesome – 5 bags  

  1. I agree. I have my 2 Bullies on SmartPak and I swear I save s bundle over what I was spending in the grocery store. And what is best, my one girl has lost 14 pounds on the Weight Management Formula. It never would have happened without the control of the packaging.

    I now get 4 different foods, supplements & heart worm medication through them. A great time & money saver.

    • Thanks for stopping by and “weighing” in. 🙂

      My tubby beagle has slimmed down (8 pounds) since we started on SmartPaks, and the two bald spots he had on his tail, are filled in! I can’t swear the sudden re-growth was due to SmarkPaks, but nothing else has changed.

      I love the packaged meals too. I’ll have to check out the heart worm meds, didn’t know they carried it; I’ve been getting Skip’s from his vet.

      Have a great week,

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