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In Your Fashion on March 4, 2010 at 8:16 AM


By: Jennifer Brown Banks



Times are tough.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to relinquish your “diva” status to save a few bucks. You can cut corners without cutting quality. Don’t get it twisted. 🙂

Way before the economy “went south”, I’m proud to say I was shopping on a beer budget with champagne taste. And you can too.

Here are some of the tricks of the trade:

  1. Learn to spot quality—I’ve always believed that its’ not where you shop, but how you shop that matters.  I’ve gotten all kinds of kudos and compliments on my designer rags, antique items, and other trinkets scored from thrift stores. That’s right, thrift stores.  The key to success is shopping at some of the finer, high end outlets. Depending upon where you search for your “treasures,” you’ll find name brands, new merchandise, and unique stuff that will allow you to be pretty as well as practical. Know that not all thrift stores are created equally.
  2. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. In the words of Vivica Fox, “Do you.” Carbon copy cuteness played out with 8-track tapes!
  3. Comparison shop—Don’t be wooed by the first “sale” sign. Typically some stores will offer better deals than others, depending on what you’re in the market for, the type of store, and the time of year. 
  4. Barter, baby! Low on cash but high on needed resources? Find a few friends and associates that would be willing to exchange your goods and services for theirs. In the last few months, I’ve gotten free accounting work, decorating services, and other things for my creative writing services. 

 Follow these 4 tips and you’ll learn to live like a queen on a pauper’s pay!

*Jennifer Brown Banks is a veteran freelance writer, relationship columnist and Blogger who believes in “living well for less”. Visit her site at


How do you maintain your “Diva Status” in today’s tough economy?  LW welcomes your comments.

  1. Jennifer,
    Thank you for being a guest writer for LW. I hope this is the first of many appearances! Your savvy shopping tips prove that even in today’s market, it’s still possible to “keep our Diva’s on”. Many thanks!

  2. Nikola,

    It’s been a pleasure. I love sharing what I know to help women live richer, without the “expense” or the guilt.:-)


  3. The pleasure is ours. You are a joy to work with!
    Nikola & LW

  4. These are all great ideas. I’ve been struggling lately because we are on a really tight budget, and my wardrobe is pretty depressing. 🙂 I just found your site, and I look forward to reading more!

    • Hi Amanda,

      Jennifer’s a pretty savvy lady who really knows her way around a bargain!
      We’re so glad you stopped by, and very thankful for your comment, because LW is designed for women like us. Each time you visit, we hope to improve your experience by leaving you with valuable information. We know life can be hectic and crazy at times; and we really appreciate you taking your time to visit our magazine! Your comment made our day!

      I took a peek at your Etsy shop; I love your slippers- too cute!

  5. […] How to Be a Dive on a Dime! (at LibeWellForLess): Jennifer Brown Banks of PenAndProsper gives some tips on how you can keep your “diva” status and save a few bucks. […]

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