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In Your Fashion on February 24, 2010 at 1:53 AM

Find the Perfect Pair of Shorts   

It may not seem like it, but warmer weather is on the way.  When it finally arrives, play up your legs with these hard-working styles.  If you are …  

1.  Petite:  Keep it short with a medium rise that elongates your torso.    

1. Petite Perfect Khaki Shorts $22.50 Old Navy

2.  Slender:  Narrow, straight cuts complement your shape.    

2. Low-Rise Perfect Khaki Bermudas $7.99 on Sale at Old Navy


3.Curvy: Try a  straight cut that ends an inch or so above your knee.   

3. Tribeca City Shorts in Mink - Kiyonna $28.00

4.  Hippy:  Look for a simple fitted style.  

4. Plus Size Mossimo® Linen Cargo Shorts - $9.99 Target








Bonus Savings  

Try swapping  NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat ($.99) for pricy department store brands that cost as much as $20.  The secret is in how often you apply the product, not the brand.  For best results apply daily. 

Looking for a new pair of earrings?  Try buying handmade at 

Skeleton Key Drop Earrings- by Days Long Gone $20


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