Welcome to the First Edition of Live Well for Less!

In Welcome on February 23, 2010 at 5:44 PM

Nikola H.

Live Well for Less is  for the thrifty chica in all of us.  Our goal is to help women Live Well for Less in all areas of their lives.  Our magazine focuses on affordable, useful and “do-able” ideas for today’s 20 something and up woman.  Throughout LW, you’ll find savvy shopping  tools, realistic and easy recipes, healthy living strategies and  budget-friendly hair, beauty and fashion ideas that work for real women.  Special features include reader interviews, free product samples, simple crafts, pet perks, relationship questions, and movie, book and music reviews.     

 This edition’s topics include:  Your Fashion, Your Food, Your Health and Your World.    

LW is all about You!    

*The opinions expressed here are based on research and personal experience.   LW does not receive compensation for the products or web-sites mentioned in this magazine.  

LW is currently seeking guest bloggers.  Thrifty chicas & “chicos” interested in submitting articles, please respond to this post or contact us at:   Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from YOU.

*We’re experimenting with several layouts; please pardon “our dust”. 🙂


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